Sunday, 1 January 2012

In the carriage shed...

Happy New Year to you all - apologies for the lack of updates over the hectic festive period, progress is being made on several fronts at the railway but I have not had time to sit down and update the blog! Particularly impressive progress is being made in the carriage shed, the new folding walkway system proving its worth. I am reliably informed it took ONE DAY to put the walkway in place AND strip THE WHOLE ROOF of BR Mk1 SK E25347. I believe this compares to about three days just to erect the previous scaffolding arrangements, let alone undertake any restoration work.

Here are the newly manufactured roof vents for the same coach, mentioned in an earlier posting.

A view taken approximately two weeks ago, the whole roof painted in primer/undercoat and the topcoat going on...

...about one third topcoated, seen here mid-December.

A more recent photo, taken at the end of the coach, just after Christmas. Topcoat completed (I am not sure if there have been/will be one, or two topcoats).

Although some work is required to the sides of this coach (particularly around the windows, which are flush-sided as originally built), these essential works to the roof have made an enormous visual difference and the whole vehicle now looks much smarter in appearance.

Also in the carriage shed, another platform barrow undergoes complete renovation. The timber superstructure is complete and painting has started, although I didn't get a photo of that for some unknown reason. The previously completed barrows and trolleys looked very smart under the canopies erected for the 'Santa Specials'.