Saturday, 12 November 2011

"Foreign Stuff"

Over recent weeks the IRPS has progressed with completing the cosmetic repaint of Swedish 'B' Class 4-6-0 No.101 into authentic Swedish State Railways ('SJ') livery. On my last visit, the headlamps were undergoing the process of making them operational which looks rather smart at night!

The freshly repainted tender, yet to be lined.

Red lining has now been added, and what appear to be authentic 'SJ' crests are going on the tender.

The interior panelling has gone back inside the eastern vestibule of Belgian coach No.21013, after complete replating.

Along with the electric tail lamps, the midnight blue Wagon-Lits Pullman livery (inauthentic for these coaches, but it does look rather good!) has now been applied to the eastern end...

...and the corridor connector and lettering has also gone on.

Reupholstery of the Belgian SNCB set is transforming the tired interior of these coaches. Meanwhile the DSB (green) set continues to deteriorate, and a bogie on 'driving trailer' coach No.1710 disintegrated the other week and requires repair work. Surprisingly, a number of the bogies on this set are constructed from timber, rather than steel as is usually used for carriage bogies.