Monday, 21 November 2011

Carriage News

SNCB No. 21013 was shunted out from the Carriage and Wagon shed on Saturday, after completion of its body rebuild. It was added into the rake for the 'Santa Specials' and the other SNCB coaches in the set received an external clean.

BR Mk1 SK E25347 then took its place in the carriage shed, presumably for repairs and repainting of the roof as a minimum.

The side sheeting on LMS TPO M30272M continues to make impressive progress after a period in the doldrums. In my view this is one of the most interesting vehicles on the railway, and it is very pleasing to see its restoration move forward once again.

Elsewhere, Terry has made progress with the new roof covering on LMS coach No.18017, which is being converted into volunteer sleeping accommodation.

Finally, not a coach but a wagon; Tim and I worked on re-roofing one of the stores vans. Unfortunately we were not able to complete it by close of play, so this awaits our attention next time. Here we see the rotten roof partially demolished, exposing a nest of dozy wasps in the process!

The new roof sheets going on. There is still more to do on this, but we feel we've done the worst of the job and hope to complete it next time.