Monday, 6 June 2011

Wansford Station Building on the Beeb

Wansford old station building is currently featured in an audio slideshow of 'buildings at risk' on the BBC website. The building is currently in a very sorry state and must be purchased, stabilised and restored before it simply falls down - in time, if continued to be left as it is, it will.

From the BBC:

"There are dozens of historic buildings across the UK that have fallen on hard times - and many of them have made SAVE Britain's Heritage's annual list of properties deemed to be in most need of saving from dereliction.

The charity's Buildings at Risk Officer, Rhiannon Tracy, takes a look at some of the unloved structures - and sees how the fortunes of other lucky buildings have been transformed."

The feature can be found here:

The NVR 'Friends' organisation is trying to raise funds for the purchase and rescue of the building but a lot of money is required - an appeal leaflet mentioned £160,000 just for the purchase of the building although this figure may well now be out of date. If the whole yard could be purchased there would be possibilities for also saving the brick-built ex-LNWR goods shed opposite the station building, and with a little imagination the empty land to the west could potentially accommodate a carriage shed, saving huge amounts of time and money on carriage overhauls. Perhaps we need to consider converting it into a railway pub or some other commercial venture to gain more income?!