Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wagon and Carriage

Quite a lot going on at the moment on the carriage and wagon front. I spent my day needle-gunning more of the first section of the Esso tank. The platform side of this section is now ready for wire brushing and green primer, as is the top, and I am well on the way with stripping the yard side as can be seen here. It doesn't look much, but the area stripped so far represents many hours of work.

Peter was working on the Southern brake van No.55550 further along the platform. The second verandah end has been removed and will be replaced with new timber, matching the excellent job already completed on the other end. He is also planning on replacing the timber panelling in the sides at some point.

Peter has also burned out the bolts holding the steel deck at the same end in order to undertake repairs/refurbishment.

Tim's standard 20-ton BR van has received its top coats of BR 'freight brown' and templates for the lettering were also taped in place by the time of my visit.

And now to carriages... the spare bogies for temporarily withdrawn Mk1 E25639 are undergoing overhaul in the workshop. In the foreground, the wheelsets from the first bogie are undergoing servicing and painting. Behind can be seen the second bogie awaiting attention, in the condition in which they were recovered from outdoor storage.

The first bogie frame has also been cleaned and painted. Very surprisingly, the various Mk1 carriage bogie types (B1, B4, Commonwealth) are not as interchangeable as you might expect. So much for standardisation!