Thursday, 6 May 2010

SNCB KIA 21013 Progress

Some time today was spent fettling, drilling, and fixing the last large panel on one side of the coach. There are still repairs and replacements to be undertaken to pieces of trim and window sills on this side, then the other bodyside will be stripped and replaced with new metal.

The hole to be filled, showing the cleaned and painted internal framework.

Steel sheet undergoing sanding. This side (internal face) of the sheet was primed shortly afterwards to help protect it from the dreaded tinworm in future.

The sheet in position, being held with a couple of bolts. The remaining bolts soon followed. Sealant had been applied between the steel sheet and the internal framework.

A close-up view of the leading edge of primed bodywork, showing the new metal feathered into the upper bodyside. The overlapping cover strip along the waist of the coach is beginning to be fitted.