Monday, 24 October 2011

Carriage restoration update

A very pleasing sight at Wansford the other week was seeing the first side-sheeting in place on M30272M. As mentioned before on this blog, this historic vehicle is the only surviving coach from the 'Travelling Post Office' (TPO) train that was attacked during the 'Great Train Robbery' of 1963.

Terry has begun to line-out his LMS coach No.18017, which he has converted into volunteer sleeping accommodation. The coach is to be finished in lined LMS 'Crimson Lake' livery.

Currently the focus of attention of the full-time Carriage and Wagon staff is Belgian (SNCB) coach No.21013, which is having its end vestibules rebuilt. The east end is just about done (minus corridor connections)...

...whilst work on the west end continues.

A week later, black undercoat had gone on. This photo itself is probably now out of date, I will try to get a more recent picture soon, on my next visit.